Why Armenians love strangers

BBC Travel Magazine By Ben Lerwill 5 October 2017 Why Armenians love strangers Armenians, like their Caucasus neighbours, have long been renowned for generosity to outsiders – a result of the country’s historical location on the Silk Road.      I never meant to spend the night in Dilijan. I’d been making my way through [...]

Nine Reasons to Visit Armenia While it’s Still Off the Beaten Path

Susan is a travel and lifestyle writer from Los Angeles, California. A lover of the outdoors, beautiful landscapes and different cultures  And below is her reference about travel to Armenia Nine Reasons to Visit Armenia While it’s Still Off the Beaten Path I’m itching to go back to Armenia, I was in my ancestral homeland [...]

The world’s first Christian country

BBC Travel By Amanda Proenca Santos & Rodolfo Contreras  This Asian country made Christianity its official religion in 301 AD, and this history can still be seen today.   Credit: Rodolfo Contreras Pious history Armenia is a small country in south-west Asia with a population of only 3 million people. But it has a sizable [...]

Ten Things That I Loved About Armenia

Travel blogger Kalpana Sunder's review about Armenia posted in "The Huffington post" magazine. Ten Things That I Loved About Armenia Did you know that Armenia is the world’s oldest Christian nation? And that Cher, who was born Cherilyn Sarkisian is half-Armenian? Armenia is usually not the first country that will come into your mind when [...]

25 amazing things about Armenia

We continue the Article '' International magazines about Armenian " Below is The Telegraf reference "25 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Armenia" ․   25 amazing things you probably didn’t know about Armenia 1. It’s home to the world's oldest winery At least that’s what the archaeologists claim: in 2011 they discovered what [...]

Armenia, the Land of Noah

Full Documentary “Armenia, the Land of Noah” A travel across Armenia by PLANET DOC A travel across Armenia, one of the most fascinating places in Europe. The marvelous adaptation of the Armenian people, their exemplary spiritual strength and the establishment of enduring culture have made possible ​​the consolidation of a lineage that for millennia, has kept […]

Best time to visit Yerevan is June: Momondo Report

Give in to the minibus chaos to criss-cross your way through the city – for 100 Dram, and a loudly shouted “stop!” you’ll be dropped off at the Yerevan’s prized monuments. The pedestrian Northern Avenue takes you from the opera to the fountains at Republic Square. Imposing Soviet era buildings by day, elegant backdrop to […]

Armenian Vayots Dzor region as a best stop for wine lovers: CNN Reference

Indeed, for many cultures, wine is an essential part of a meal and wine production has spread from the Mediterranean region to every continent. Appreciation of wine on its own is on the increase and has led to the establishment of wine routes ever since Germany inaugurated its own Weinstrasse in October 1935. Today, the […]

National Geographic article about the most ancient winery

As if making the oldest known leather shoe wasn’t enough, a prehistoric people in what’s now Armenia also built the world’s oldest known winery, a new study says. Undertaken at a burial site, their winemaking may have been dedicated to the dead—and it likely required the removal of any fancy footwear. Near the village of […]

The magazine National Geographic has included Yerevan in 6 Unexpected Cities for the Food Lover

Travel blogger Nat Geo Nancy Gupton traveled around the world to find the most tasty cities of the world. Let us see what he writes about Yerevan YEREVAN, ARMENIA Yerevan is blooming. The capital of Armenia—a tiny country whose natural beauty, culture, and burgeoning tourism industry landed it on our recent list of 10 places […]