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This policy outlines how we collect, process, store, and disclose personal data. Personal data refers to information that identifies a person directly or indirectly.

Relationship with Terms & Conditions:

This policy is an essential part of our Terms & Conditions. The terms used in this policy have the same meaning as those in the Terms & Conditions.


This policy applies to the website, services, and any other software used by our company.

Definition of Processing:

“Processing” means any action related to personal data, including collecting, coordinating, modifying, transferring, deleting, or other actions.

Sensitive Personal Data:

We do not collect or process sensitive personal data such as racial or ethnic origin, political views, religion or philosophy, physical or mental health, genetic or biometric data, sex life or sexual orientation, personal or family life, or social conditions.

We only use the personal data you provide to us, which must be complete, accurate, and up to date.

The following personal data may be processed by the company when you use our website:

  • Name, surname, or title
  • Email address
  • Address and phone number
  • Additional information provided upon request

We do not collect data from minors unless we have valid consent from a parent or guardian. If you provide personal data about another person, it is your responsibility to ensure they are aware of it. We automatically collect certain information, such as IP address, login details, and device information, when you visit our website.

We collect, use, and store your personal data in compliance with applicable laws and with your consent, which is given when you enter and provide personal data on our website. Your consent remains in effect until withdrawn. By using our website, you agree to the conditions of this policy.

We process personal data to provide you with our services, to ensure uninterrupted website access, to contact you, gather feedback, inform you of special offers, and protect our legitimate interests when necessary.

The personal data processed with your consent will be retained for the duration necessary for processing purposes or as specified in the consent.

Right to receive information: You have the right to know about your personal data, how it’s being processed, and who it’s being shared with.

Right to access, correction, and to be forgotten: You have the right to access your personal data, correct it if it’s incomplete or inaccurate, and request its deletion if it’s no longer needed or was obtained illegally.

Right to access: You have the right to access your personal data and stay updated on its processing legitimacy.

Right to resign: You have the right to withdraw your consent for processing your personal data.

Right to appeal: You have the right to appeal any violation of your rights or freedoms to the Personal Data protection authorized body or in accordance with the Terms & Conditions.

Here are the main responsibilities of the Company, defined by the applicable legislation:

respect individuals’ fundamental rights and freedoms, in particular the right of Personal Data privacy;

process the Personal Data in a legitimate, fair, good faith and transparent manner;

collect and process Personal Data only for legitimate purposes specified by the Company;

destroy or block the Personal Data, which is not necessary in order to achieve a legitimate purpose;

make sure, that Personal Data is sufficient, corresponding and qualified for those purposes it is being collected and processed for, in a manner that allows You to find out as much as it is needed;

finalize, update, correct or destroy the Personal Data, that is incomplete, inaccurate, out of date, illegally obtained or unnecessary for processing purposes;

destroy Your Personal Data and stop its processing, in case of Your withdrawal of the Consent;

make sure, that Your Personal Data is processed with proper security, protecting it from unauthorized and/or illegal processing and accidental loss, destruction or damage by using appropriate technical and/or organizational measures;

make sure, that Your Personal Data processors maintain confidentiality regarding the process of the Personal Data, during and/or after the performance of official or work duties;

use encryption to protect information systems containing Personal Data from accidental loss, unauthorized access to information systems, illegal use, recording, destruction, modification, blocking or copying, spread of Personal Data and against other interference;

immediately inform You about any breaches of Your Personal Data processing;

appropriately respond, when You exercise Your rights within this Policy.

We take the protection of your Personal Data seriously, and any transfer of your data to a third party will be done in compliance with the law and with proper safeguards in place to ensure its protection. This may include contracts requiring third parties to maintain confidentiality and security of your Personal Data.

In some cases, your Personal Data may be transferred to third parties located outside your country, but we will take steps to ensure your data is protected, such as using standard contractual clauses approved by relevant authorities. 

If there is any accidental or illegal destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized disclosure or access of Your Personal Data, the Company will inform You via email within 5 days of becoming aware of the violation. With Your consent, or without it if no response is received from You within 1 day, the Company will take actions such as blocking Personal Data, eliminating consequences, checking integrity, and providing advice on protection from personal data violation.

However, the Company will not be responsible for Personal Data loss, disclosure or violation if the information was already in the public domain, received independently from a third party, received from a third party with unauthorized access to the website files, or disclosed with Your consent.

The Company takes the protection of Your Personal Data seriously and implements appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure of Your information. We follow the laws of the Republic of Armenia and international standards to safeguard Your data.

Your Personal Data is only accessible for legitimate purposes and authorized personnel. We also protect against accidental or illegal destruction, loss, modification, unauthorized access, processing, or disclosure of Your Personal Data.

The Website uses “Cookie” files to personalize Your experience and improve Website performance. “Cookies” are small data files that are downloaded and saved on Your device to remember Your actions and preferences. They are used for identification, security, functionality, preferences and analysis. By clicking “Accept” when logging into the Website, You give consent for the use of “Cookie” files. You can control “Cookie” settings in Your browser, but declining “Cookie” files may restrict some Website features.

The company “Central tour” is responsible for processing the Personal Data outlined in this Policy. It is a limited liability company operating in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Armenia. If you have any questions about this Policy or the processing of Your Personal Data, you can reach out to the Company at [email protected].

This Policy applies to the Website and Services provided by the Company. The Company is not responsible for other websites or services. The Policy applies to singular and plural words. The Company can change this Policy at any time, with changes published on the Website. The new Policy applies to past and future relations. The current legislation of the Republic of Armenia applies to the Policy. Disputes related to the Policy are subject to resolution according to the Terms & Conditions.